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Well, this would be all my drawings, sprite works, and writings! =D


Some pretty dang awesome art. Just sayin'. =D




AmeIsra kiss by Wolf-Kid1000
AmeIsra kiss
"You like me!"

This was a gift for a friend; how she's dealt with me all this time I will never know. xD But we talk a lot of ideas for AmeIsra, and I hope to continue contributing to the pair even while I'm in grad school studying it up. uwu

Enjoy! :wave:
Team SOLR by Wolf-Kid1000
"Skye Aria, Orion Conrad, Lassie Evans, Ryder Galeron. The four of you retrieved the white bishop pieces. Henceforth you shall be known as Team SOLR, led by Skye Aria."

So I've been finding myself getting into RWBY a lot. I just really find the fast paced action and comedic moments to be very entertaining to me. x3 But yeah, I figured, why not and made a team of my own. Still working a bit on their character development (because college has been killing my ability to finish all that up) but at some point I'll probably post each team member individually and go more into detail for their biographies there.

Until then though, enjoy! =D
Link x Tetra by Wolf-Kid1000
Link x Tetra
Honestly I really missed drawing these two. It was another doodle from church and I took full opportunity to ink and color my favorite pirate and hero. x3 Plus considering my playing Hyrule Warriors Legends and Wind Waker HD recently I've really been falling in love with the TeLink ship all over again.

I seriously would love a game in between Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks where Link and Tetra are closer to their goal of finding New Hyrule. That or discovering some new trouble that's emerging from under the sea that they have to go back and do what they do best (which is kick butt and take names. xD).

Great Sea background comes from here:…

Enjoy~! :wave:
Al and Rina doodle by Wolf-Kid1000
Al and Rina doodle
So originally this was a doodle that I did in church this morning, and then I liked it so much that I decided to try and color it. This was also a good opportunity for me to practice with my coloring style a bit and honestly I really like how this turned out/looks as well. =D

Enjoy! :wave:
Aph: Happy Birthday Spain! '16 by Wolf-Kid1000
Aph: Happy Birthday Spain! '16
I actually almost forgot it was his birthday for a moment. xD But yeah, I figured I'd at least do some sort of little doodle before I was too late, considering how busy I get.

Happy Birthday to Antonio Fernandez Carriedo, AKA Spain! :iconcelebrateplz:

Enjoy! :wave:
So hey... I feel kinda bad that I haven't updated this thing since like... last year... Whoops... ^^;

But anywho, the summer is here, and things are looking up. I've been able to make a little extra money through some tennis lessons, as well as finish up with shadowing a speech pathologist in one of the many different fields I could possibly work in once I graduate from college and start looking for a job. It was definitely an awesome experience, and I'll really miss those kids whom I got to work with the past four weeks. TwT

I've slowly but surely been getting a couple drawings done here and there. Lately I've been trying to get through an art block that just... I dunno, I get these ideas and inspirations to draw something, but then once I start trying to draw it I'm all like, "LOL Noooooope! oDo~". xD; But I have been able to work on a couple writing ideas, so what I wouldn't be able to provide in art drawing wise I still have stories to make up for it.

Freshman year of college was a complete success; I had such a blast getting to know people and taking part in my classes (though there were a couple here and there I wasn't too pleased with.). And studying for finals was pretty interesting. The night before my last final the whole complex where I was living at had a power outage and nobody knew why. They sent campus police and students were freaking out and the RA's were trying to keep everyone calm. And on top of that there were these guys running around in the dark in black morph suits trying to scare everyone. But then once they got to my floor my awesome Asian RA saw them and threatened to call campus police on them and they didn't come back. xD; Even so though, I locked my door just in case (my roommate was staying at her sorority house for the night) and played Star Fox 3D like a cool kid until the power got back on. Needless to say I ended up pulling an all nighter studying for a literature final. It payed off though. =w=b

I could go on and on about some of the stories in my classes, but I'm gonna try to not ramble so much. A lot has really changed over the past few months, some good and some bad, but I'mma try and keep my chin up.

That said, I'll keep in touch and see y'all around. God bless! :wave:
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